Company today

  1. The name of the company: “Qashqadaryo neft–gaz qurilish va ta’mirlash” joint stock company.

According to the order of the State Property Committee No 1023 dated 11.09.1995 the name of the company is changed to “Qashqadaryo neft–gaz qurilish va ta’mirlash” open joint-stock company.


Postal and legal address of the company: building 2, Zhaihun street, Karshi, Kashkadarya region, the Republic of Uzbekistan, 180106.


  1. Subordination of the company, the parent organization: “O’zgeoburg’uneftgaz” joint stock company.


  1. The core business: construction and capital repair of industrial and social facilities, construction of access roads and platforms for drilling rigs, foundations of drilling rigs mostly for the companies of “Uzgeoburneftegaz” JSC. The joint-stock company is a part of the “Uzgeoburneftegaz” JSC and is one of the leading building contractors of the Company involved in construction of foundations, temporary roads leading to drilling wells, as well as construction of residential complexes, capital repair of administrative and social facilities of the enterprises of Joint-stock company.


  1. The asset profile as of 01.07.2015:
  • A share of “O’zgeoburg’uneftgaz” JSC – 51%


  • physical persons – 39.2%,


  • employees – 9.8%


(In accordance with Annex 1 to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 28, 2015 No PP-2340 “On measures to increase the share and the value of private property in the economy” it is provided to sell a share of administration body amounting to 51% to a strategic foreign investor).


  1. Banking details: bank account No 20210000500487260001 in Kashkadarya Regional Branch of PSB, MFO 00824, TIN 200666828.


  1. Contact persons, phones, fax of the company management:

The Chairman of the Board – Sultonov K.T.

Chief Engineer – Rakhmatov A.K.

Chief Accountant – Ziyatov O.S.

Tel. 375 223-43-92, fax 375 223-40-81


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