Our history

“Qashqadaryo neft–gaz qurilish va ta’mirlash” JSC was founded in 1997 for construction and capital repair of industrial and social facilities, construction of access roads and platforms for drilling rigs, foundations of drilling rigs mostly for the enterprises of the national holding company “Uzbekneftegaz” and “Uzgeoburneftegaz” JSC.


According to the order of the State Property Committee No 1023 dated 11.09.1995 the name of the company is changed to “Qashqadaryo neft–gaz qurilish va ta’mirlash” open joint-stock company. Starting from 2014 the name of the company is changed to “Qashqadaryo neft–gaz qurilish va ta’mirlash” joint stock company.


A purposeful work was done over the past 20 years within the framework of reforming and re-equipment of the company, characterized by the following main stages:


Firstly, new methodological procedures been developed the; changes and additions have been introduced to the internal and constituent documents; there have been developed some new regulations governing the labor relations aimed at increasing the personal responsibility of workers and strengthening of economic discipline. There has been taken an inventory of all existing rules, and their terms have been optimized.


Secondly, there has been implemented the retraining program, starting with senior managers and ending with average executives, in order that they could master the modern approaches to work, market mechanisms for customer satisfaction.


Thirdly, there has been implemented a staged reform of divisions since the major scope of works/ services was provided by these divisions.


Fourthly, the investment operation aimed at the efficient use of existing resources was organized on the essentially new level.


Fifthly, to ensure financial stability and solvency of the company there was organized the work for the expansion of scope of services, as well as improvement in quality of works.


Besides in order to improve the quality of services there have been taken measures for development, introduction and wide use of modern information technologies.

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